That’s how I feel today. Blue. Since most of the times I am… happy, I wrote this prominently so I remember in a few days, years from now, how miserably sad, lost I was feeling at this very moment. So many things to be happy about, so much to give, so much to dare for, so many blessings in my pocket,  yet I’m lost and lonely.

Today, I am opening a site that carries my eponymous. The plan is to publish photos, photos. It won’t be only about my photos but about the subjects + related stuff… time will tell. I will spill personal talk too, as paragraphs all around tell.

Joy©CesarAlsina_1360I chose one of my favorites photos to open this space. I call it Joy.

That girl jumping is the amazing woman I love madly. Only person in my life I have called soulmate. One of the best persons on this planet, she’s also fun, loves the same music I love, she’s not bothered when I take my time to make a photo, we hold hands all the times, we dream together. We work hard —sometimes, anyway—, travel and act goofy a lot when we are alone. This last thing sometimes spills in public.

We’re humans, we stray from perfection a lot.

We love the beach. Any beach. The sea. Any sizable body of water. Drool for sunsets… catching full moonsets, when watery horizons are involved, is our thing. Any season. We go around taking photos, swimming, walking, hiking, biking, SUPing… and jumping in joy.

Specs: iPhone 5. ISO 64, f/2.4, 4.1mm focal lens.

Joy at Incognito 2013. Photo by Veron Ennis

I was invited to donate to an amazing event called INCOGNITO,
a special fundraising that gathers pieces of 200 artists from USA and the world
as part of the efforts to fund the exhibitions, lectures, education programs and
the endowment of the museum at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples, FL.

I donated Joy.

Joy at Incognito 2013. Photo by Veron Ennis.

Back in April 2010 I wrote:

I can be serious
I can be sad, too.

Cause although life is plentiful of great,
awesome moments that makes
everything worth,

new perspectives arise
when your heart hurts.

I’m gonna pour a cognac. Here, for my new site.


  1. Michelle · July 18, 2013

    Congratulations on your site, C. Very stoic. Very thoughtful. Very sentimental, heartfelt, expressive, romantic, poetic. Very you.

  2. Samantha · February 5, 2014

    Que bueno que abriste su página, ahora puedes volver a esta foto y ver desde la cima cuando estabas en el fondo. Excelente trabajo!

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