St Pete Night Fog

St Pete Night Fog

St Pete Night Fog, as I titled this image, was conceived while visiting St. Petersburg recently attending an invitation from dear friends to visit the Salvador Dali Museum’s Andy Warhol exhibition “Warhol: Art. Fame. Mortality.”

St. Pete—as locals call their city—, established in 1888 and named after the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, is a wonderful town, offering plenty of places to visit, to dine, to entertain and to get a good dosis of art and culture.

This photo is a section of the view you would enjoy standing at the Dan Wheldon Way, a dead-end short street siding a small bay in front of the Dali Museum —which you can barely see to the left of the photo. It’s composed by three different takes, stitched in Photoshop, and enhanced in Apple Aperture. It spans 14,685 by 3,759 pixels.
Equipment: Nikon D5200, AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G. ISO 100, f/8, 8s of exposure each.

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St Pete Night Fog

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  1. Mo T · February 5, 2014

    Beautiful scenics!

    • César Alsina · February 5, 2014

      Thanks my boo! It was a great night with you, sharing the quietness of this space, the serenity of the night, the fog creeping in. We will return there soon.

  2. Luis Lozada · February 5, 2014

    Beautiful Work C!!

    • César Alsina · February 6, 2014

      Thanks Luis! It is really fun to spend time creating an image. The idea, the logistic, the setup, the time spent, the company, the elements… the unexpected. Then the loading of images on your computer, the expectations, the discovery of what you’ve gotten, the choosing, the editing… the design, the creative decision.

      I appreciate so much you checking out my photos, my friend.

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