The Black and White Photo Challenge: Five

The Black and White Photo Challenge: Five

This is Five: Mo Gimmah Pho.

Location: Thai Basil, in Naples, Florida. I shot this image at 9:45pm, on 11/25/2014.

Our fav Vietnamese restaurant is closed Tuesdays, so Michelle suggested to visit the Thai Basil, another Thai alternative not too far from home. I am so glad we went: They have an incredibly good pho soup!

As usual, upon food coming to the table (we are impossible to dine with, we know) we started playing with the cameras (iPhones and my Nikon) and I rapidly positioned the iPhones as lighting setup, which made a couple of ladies (the only other people in the joint) praise our setting and have a good laugh and niceties.

BONUS: ANIMATED GIF! I shot these five photos with my Nikon D5200, at ISO 500, f/1.4 1/100 5ev, focal @ 50mm, fitted with my awesome AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G. It took me three seconds to shoot these images, starting at 9:47:33pm. Post-edited with Apple’s Aperture 3.6 and put together the animated GIF with a new app I downloaded this week: PicGIG, by PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd.

Gimmah Pho

I was challenged by friend and photographer Veronica Valle to participate in the Black and White Photo Challenge, which dares you to produce and publish one black and white picture a day during five consecutive days and challenge someone else to do the same.

Hoy reto a mi bellísima y talentosa hija Samantha Alsina 🙂

For more about the restaurant, check its page at thaibasilnaples.com.

For more about PicGIG, visit their page at pearlmountainsoft.com/picgif

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