“ Fill up the future—which is this very next second—with meaningful stuff. ”

dance with light, it will give you back marvels.

“ Soar. ”

I was walking on the beach. Up in the sky, she screeched just above me. I felt adrenaline, looked up, instinctively raised my camera, shot four images. She soared, flew away.

“ See that man you love? Take his picture, keep him forever. ”

Images can last an eternity.

“ Stand in front of more interesting stuff. ”

—Jim Richardson, photographer.

“ You are beautiful. ”

Inside and out.

“ I am grateful: I can see light and perceive darkness. ”

I create images with both.

“ With a fun and creative approach, I create images that are unique, personal, curious and delectable, pictures that are profoundly uncomplicated and close. ”

Let me create a picture of you.

“ Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ”

Mahatma Gandhi

“ Every other thought is about you ”

I can’t help it

we must take care of our non-human brothers and sisters
“ we must take care of our non-human brothers and sisters ”

They are sustaining our own existence.

“ Although I have the short-term planned, the greater plan is adaptation. ”

Evolve is the call.

“ I am a photographer ”

I create images.

“ I will miss you for the rest of my life. ”

I promise.

“ I tend to write as if nobody is reading. ”

cesar alsina

Cesar Alsina Imagine

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Cesar Alsina Imagine