“ I am grateful: I can see light and perceive darkness. ”

I create images with both.

“ With a fun and creative approach, I create images that are unique, personal, curious and delectable, pictures that are profoundly uncomplicated and close. ”

Let me create a picture of you.

“ Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ”

Mahatma Gandhi

“ Every other thought is about you ”

I can’t help it

we must take care of our non-human brothers and sisters
“ we must take care of our non-human brothers and sisters ”

They are sustaining our own existence.

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Cesar Alsina Imagine

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I regularly publish random photography and thoughts that reflect about me in my blog →

Photography is part of my lifestyle, as well as my way of living. Do you like my work? Awesome! Message me using this page →, I will send information about how to be photographed by me and how to acquire prints, among other tidbits.

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Cesar Alsina Imagine

César on the Sand, image created by the über talented Michelle Tricca. Please, consider visiting her if you are in the look for unique world class photography, available near anywhere a plane can land.

Michelle Tricca Photography →

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Cesar Alsina