Jason Proposed to Alexis

Jason Proposed to Alexis

In early October 2013, on a wild location far from his home in Tennessee, Jason proposed to Alexis. He planned his move carefully, luring his soon-to-be fiancée to the Everglades as part of the short vacation they were having in Southwest Florida.


The Everglades

 The Mullet Rapper“Let’s hire photographers to document our visit to my old place among the mangroves,” Jason suggested during the journey prep, secretly wishing Alexis would go for it. She totally did.

His plan was to actually document his loving proposal to Alexis.

After much research online, they chose Michelle Tricca Photography—he said that among some 30 photographers he meticulously studied, Michelle’s art caught their eyes like no other did. Jason contacted Michelle, detailed his idea, highlighting that he wanted to surprise Alexis with something very special and memorable.

We became part of the plot. Wisely, Jason published an engagement note in the local paper, The Mullet Rapper. He used this note to start the awesome surprise that made Alexis a betrothed, after her resonant yes to Jason’s intimate, unique, heart-warming proposal.

We wish them eternal love to each other.


I am engaged to Jason

Jason Proposed to Alexis


Jason Proposed to Alexis

Airboat Cruising Everglades

Jason & Alexis on Airboat


12_DSC3290_jasonalexis-mo_©cesaralsina Alexis and Jason are the best. They are fun, smart, and engaging. It was an honor, a real pleasure to share this adventure with them.

I am fortunate to be second shooter to Michelle Tricca, one of the best photographers of the nation. We team up to bring joy and fun to events that will be remembered for years to come.

We shot several hundreds of photos that day. I created dozens of cherished images. I chose these to share with you the engagement of Jason and Alexis, hoping you share them among your friends.

(Recently, Jason left a review about our work at Yelp. Check it out.)


You got me
“You got me!”

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