Clay’s VW 1965 Bus, A Running Legend

Clay’s VW 1965 Bus, A Running Legend

After a great morning at the beach, paddling boards, working out and taking pictures, Michelle and I played paparazzi to a running legend, Clay’s VW 1965 Bus.

While cleaning the board to leave the access to the shore at Broad Street, this not too common yet familiar sound made me look, and there it was: A classic Volkswagen Bus, also knows as van, transporter, microbus, doble windshield van, Kombi, and many more, just parked a few feet from us.

Clay's VW 1965 Bus You may not know about this small van, but this vehicle with doble panel windshield—which happens to open to let wind in—it’s a classic from the last century’s sixties.

I went for my camera, and approached the driver, who didn’t seem too pleased by my sudden advance… reasonably: I jumped in before he even stepped out from the van. But, hey, soon enough Clay, the proud owner of this half a century jewel, turned out to be a good team player and allowed us to direct him.

With his calm and smooth demeanor, Clay shared a brief time of that gorgeous Spring October morning with us, posed his antique van along the green wall I begged him to park the faded blue VW, and became a good street pal of ours. It was really fun to play paparazzi to a piece of metal that means so much for collectors all around the world.

Looking forward to the day we hang around the city driving in this original German design from the 1950s.

For more information about the VW 1965 Bus, designated as Volkswagen Type 2 by the German car builder and designed by a Dutch Volkswagen importer named Ben Pon, visit its Wikipedia page →.

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Clay's VW 1965 Bus


  1. Mo T · November 12, 2014

    Cool photos and story! Life is so sweet w classic moments like this. Morning at the beach running into this classic character in his amazing 50+ year old surf mobile!

    • César Alsina · November 12, 2014

      Ha! That’s what happens when we are open wide for things to happen. So glad we are camera-ready all the time!

      Thanks for your comments, Mo-licious.

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