Frank, NASCAR Driver

Frank, NASCAR Driver

The glory days of Frank Warren, NASCAR driver, saw him finishing his best at 8th during his 1971 campaign, while competing in the Winston Cup Series of that year.

I met Frank at his post at Artis Naples. Vivacious and well mannered, with a great sense of humor, he talked proudly about his years as a car racer. With his iconic Dodge Magnum he led 71 laps during the 1970 campaign, his best ever. I treasure an autographed photo of a younger Frank posing stoically in front of his racing car, the number 79.

His work at the Artis Naples gives him a great way to be close to the entertaining scene, and gives him the opportunity to serve people with cordiality, he says.

Frank Warren, from Augusta, Georgia, USA, raced a whooping 103,495.4 miles (166,559.7 km) in his career, bringing $625,886 to his team during his active NASCAR driving of 18 years, from 1963 to 1980.

Google about Frank! A good stating point to know more about him can be his Wikipedia page, Frank Warren, NASCAR Driver →

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