Kristine Gill, journalist

Kristine Gill, journalist

The witty Kristine Gill.

Both beautiful and talented, Kristine is an Ohioan making waves and moves in Naples, Florida, loves dogs and cats (and probably most animals with fur), reports news as multimedia reporter, does voice overs, spices social networks with lively remarks, and, of course, founded a group to gather writers and share stories every other Wednesday.

Yes, there’s much more about her. Among other things, Kristine is currently waking up the city with the Naples Daily News’ The Daily Scoop with Kristine Gill, an online abridged headline news segment dedicated to local noteworthy information.

When announcing her recent update to the segment, she warned local reporters about her intentions to crash the TV party. Get ’em, girl!

Check The Daily Scoop with Kristine Gill.
Interested in the writer’s group? Check The Naples Writer’s Workshop Facebook page.
Her website is at Kristine Gill.

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