One Multicolored Sunset at 3rd Ave S

One Multicolored Sunset at 3rd Ave S

I photographed this multicolored sunset in Naples, FL at 3rd Ave S, one beautiful afternoon.

This is a carefully digitally stitched image from four different photographs, all taken within 10 seconds, at 6:56 pm.

The lens I carried that day was a 50mm, which gives you a very constricted angle of view. The image does not do justice to the amazing view that you would get standing there and turning 360 degrees either way. I’m working on images that cover a wider area of the sky.

This one below was taken one hour later—8:03pm—using the panoramic feature of an iPhone 6+, amazing little software if you ask me 🙂

One multicolored sunset in Naples, FL at 3rd Ave S Panoramic

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