Clouds – Fire Tail

Clouds – Fire Tail

I just need to look up to get cloud fascination.

One doesn’t need to be at a special place—although it’s already very special to be on Earth, anyway—to get amazing sky and clouds views.

I saw this standing up at a parking lot. Once I framed in my mind what a wanted to capture, looking through my visor I was made aware of the space allowed to capture by the lens I had attached to my camera. It took a couple of pictures to adjust settings and confirm the space I wanted to capture.

To create the image above, I captured four photos within thirteen seconds. Back at my lab, I created this composite patiently stitching them using Affinity Photo. Layers, positioning, rotating, masking and a few retouches to color and contrast, plus a little bit of clarity filter, and this one was done.

Fun, ah!

Fire Tail Cloud by Cesar Alsina - Composite

Settings on my Nikon were ISO 100 f/8 1/250, with a 35mm lens attached.

Let me know what you think.


  1. Mo T · February 2, 2016

    Really beautiful piece. This would make a great photo mural, printed bold, loud and proud.

    • César Alsina · February 2, 2016

      Thanks! That is a great idea, a cloud mural… I’ll do it some day!

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